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Upper Logistics Freight Forwarder in Miami

Upper Logistics, Inc. is an American based freight forwarding company headquartered in Miami, FL, USA. Our company has alliances with many ocean, airline, and trucking companies in almost every continent; allowing us to offer competitive rates to our clients, as well as quality freight services at an international level. With over 30 years of experience and a talented, dedicated, friendly team, we are confident we will reach your freight expectations.

Why Choose Upper Logistics as your Freight Forwarding Company?

As a trusted freight forwarder, our devotion is to satisfy our clients through phenomenal service quality and pricing transparency. Different from other freight forwarders, we are considerably flexible with our supply chain management. Our every intent is to use this to benefit all of our customers worldwide. We strive to find the best fitting freight forwarding accommodations to guarantee the best rates, efficient routes, and quality services. Upper Logistics exclusively believes in providing customers with convenience, as it makes our company readily accessible and an easy to work with freight forwarding company. Whether you are our direct customer or an agency partner, we will gladly work with you every step of the way. Please check out our LIVE CHAT  should you have any questions or wish to learn about how to become a part of our extended global family. 

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Upper Logistics Culture

Upper Logistics is leading in this competitive freight forwarding business thanks to our teams work ethic and overall commitment to making shipments worldwide effortless for all customers. No matter what step of the freight process, the discipline shown by our professionals is needless to say the most crucial part of our entire system and it is sure to make a difference in your freight.

Without the engagement and the healthy work environment established with the help of all our members, we wouldn’t be leading freight forwarders in Miami. The continuous efforts of our team to go above and beyond for our customers does not go unnoticed, and we happily welcome other businesses to join us and experience our unique freight forwarding methodology. For further questions our team may assist you with, please Contact Us at your earliest convenience.

Our Freight Forwarding Network

Our partners in Latin America, Europe, and Asia are always available as needed and they are ready to assist all customers with adequate agility and commitment anywhere around the world. The aspiration we have is to obtain a global reach by growing our list of agents. One of the many strengths our company has is the variety of established business relationships with reliable forwarders worldwide and the mutual benefits it brings for all involved.

For instance, our Latin American agents allow us to easily provide clients with convenient weekly freights to Central and South America. Throughout years we have been a leading company in managing imports to countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala and many more because of our wonderful connections. If your company of agents wants to join our extended freight family, Contact Us. We are always looking to establish new business and together we will pursue safer, simpler, and faster freight forwarding services!

Warehouse in Miami, FL

Our 60,000 square foot warehouse located in Miami, FL is optimized by using automatic operations to achieve efficiency and effectiveness for our services. We offer ocean, air, and ground freight services all around the world. Above all, thanks to our business relationship with trusted agents, we offer reliable weekly LCL services. We can offer great rates to countries like Ecuador, Peru, etc in South America, and many more around the globe .

Freight Forwarding Technology

With the help of our talented in-house technology team, we are breaking revolutionary freight forwarding boundaries by developing cutting edge solution-based technology. Our multi-talented team is making world-wide trade simpler to do, easier to track, and more convenient for everyone involved in the process.

We have a passion to make this consolidation process effortless by introducing our innovate software into the global logistics market. The available mobile and desktop application will help you regulate transactions and keep track of the cargo you’re shipping LIVE). So to find out more about how we can help you in making cargo shipping easier, write to us through our LIVE CHATand someone will write back to you shortly.

Preparation for Shipping

Upper Logistics services come paired with trusting methodologies, and professional employees that are always seeing through that all procedures are carried out in the most effective way possible. We make sure that all the necessary arrangements are in play so you can rest assured your cargo in safe hands.

To verify this, our team follows the protocol by monitoring the labeling and marking of all crates, skids, and boxes in our facility accordingly. Our dedicated professionals work hard to verify all shipping units in our care have the required documentation. This is ultimately important to ensure a smooth sailing transaction to the consignee.


Freight Forwarding Professionals

The team located in Miami headquarters, as well as our worldwide professional agents, are trained to always keep our customers best interest in mind. Which is why we keep this particularly present when implementing any final judgments to our freight forwarding company during our business decision-making process. Whether clients are in need of imports or exports, our highly trained and experienced professionals are always prepared to assist. Undoubtedly, our team will present the confidence to complete a successful consolidation transaction and ultimately assure you with peace of mind.

Customer Service

Having a bilingual team creates accessibility for all customers and therefore establishing a simple communication process. Upper Logistics new and improved LIVE CHATfeature on our website also allows us to be just a click away at all times! We are always ready to answer any questions, concerns, or take care of any freight requests as needed. Our team of professionals provides unforgettable FAST and RELIABLE customer services so you always feel comfortable doing business with us.