Air Freight

Get your cargo to its destination with the best air freight rates

Air Freight Specifications

Required Dimension Information:
Total Cargo Weight
Total Volume of Cargo (Length x Width x Height)
Total Count of Cartons

Standard Length/Width:
2.44 x 3.15m (96 in x 125 in)

Standard Maximum height:
Plane Type: Passenger (PAX)
Max Pallet Height: 61 in/155 cm

Plane Type: 33X Freighter
Max Pallet Height: 94.5 in/240 cm

Plane Type: 737 Freighter
Max Pallet Height: 94.5 in/240 cm

Plane Type: 777 Freighter
Max Pallet Height: 96.1 in/244 cm

Plane Type: 747 Freighter
Max Pallet Height: 118.1 in/300 cm

Types of Air Services Offered

Standard Air Service (regular transit, economical rates):

Standard air service is the most common form of air freight option you could choose for your cargo shipment. By using this type of shipment, the aircraft that will be used to transport your goods is probably going to make a few stops, perhaps even switch your cargo around to different aircraft, and be then off to its destination. This option is great for your any regular shipments you may need and you will always receive your cargo on time. Thanks to our great team you will have access to regular updates on your freight and you can always feel free to CHAT WITH US with any further questions!

~Our talented technology team is working on an innovative solution for you to track your cargo every step of the way, ask a live agent about this option today~

Express Air Service (short transit, less economical rates):

This type of service will be relative to your origin/destination, flight availability, and any specifications in regards to your cargo (dimensions). By choosing the express air service, if applicable, your cargo will be placed onto a direct flight to its destination which is very convenient for any urgent shipment requirements. Take full advantage of this accelerated delivery service and transform your business without limitations.

Should you have any further questions, quote requests, or you’re simply wondering about the status of your cargo, please feel free to ask our professional teammates in the LIVE CHAT today or click here to leave us a message!